• Image of ruby ribbons teakin

A Tea-Kin is a mid size between a napkin and a tea towel measuring 50×60cm and you get to choose the use for it.

Huge reels of striped ribbon illustrate the Ribbon Tea-Kin, and should you wish to use it as a napkin, it would certainly look splendid draped across the laps of your friends as you dine on a dinner you cooked yourself.

The Ribbon napkin will look rather fabulous hanging on the handle of your oven, to be snatched as assistance in pulling a roast dinner from the oven.

To make you this special Tea-Kin, a linen cotton blend fabric is first hand screen printed in Australia as a yardage print, and then cut by hand so that each product differs slightly in print. It is then hand sewn also in Australia and hand packaged up just for you.